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Exploring Ingolstadt and the surrounding region

The city and the surrounding area offer much to see.

Discover these from our centrally located hotel: whether a stroll through the historic old town, shopping in the Ingolstadt Village or a visit to the Saturn Arena – nowhere is far away.

But also in the area there are many amazing things: so you can take a trip to Munich, the cosmopolitan city with a heart, and possibly visit the Allianz Arena.

In addition, the following destinations are very worthwhile: the Altmühltal with the Danube Aperture and the Dinopark, the Liberation Hall in Kelheim, the Abensberger Hundertwasserturm (Kuchlbauertower) and the falconry at Rosenburg Castle. And this is just a small selection of what to expect here!

MUNICH – the cosmopolitan city with heart!

If you want to spend money, this Bavarian city is the right place to go. But there is also a huge variety of sights, museums and parks. Every year, several million international guests come to Munich – most of them come to the Marienplatz, said to be the centre of Munich and therefore also of Bavaria.

In the middle of the square is Mary’s Column, where many Catholics honour the mother of God as the “Patrona Bavariae” (patron saint of Bavaria); to the east of the square you will find the old town hall, which is now home to a toy museum. But by far the biggest tourist attraction is the new town hall with its richly decorated façade and in particular its glockenspiel.

It is about 70km, or about 35 minutes by car, from Ingolstadt to Schwabing in Munich. Just right for an interesting day out!

Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena in Munich is the football temple in the north of the city and home to the football club FC Bayern München.

It glows in Bavarian red or Lions‘ blue and, if the national team is playing, then sometimes even in white. From outside it’s an eye-catcher, from inside a high-tech miracle. The façade of air cushions makes it look like a UFO. Whether you are a tourist taking a tour of the arena or a fan of one of the football teams – everyone is wild about the arena!

From Ingolstadt to the Allianz Arena is about 65 km or approx. 30 minutes by car.

TIP: If you want to see a top game live in the arena, it is better to stay in Ingolstadt than Munich. Why? Because after the game you will be back in Ingolstadt before you could get back into Munich itself.

The Altmühl Valley & the Danube Gap

If you have seen enough of the city, then maybe you fancy planning a tour into the Ingolstadt’s qsurroundings. Come and experience the unique landscape of the Altmühl Valley National Park, discover the roots of Bavaria’s beer in the hop gardens of the Hallertau or explore many historical sights such as castles, stately homes and museums. There are many lakes where you can bathe and natural sights such as the Danube Gap and the Schulerloch, a stalactite cave, to enjoy!

Neuburg, former town of the count palatine, is proud of the renaissance castle of Ottheinrich, in Eichstätt you can see the Willibald Castle long before you reach it.

Prunn Castle sits high on a rock, in Rosenburg Castle you can visit the falconry, which is well known for the flying skills of its birds of prey, and in Essing is the ruin of Randeck Castle, which made itself a name in the Middle Ages as a lair for robber barons. Let us help you plan your time in and around Ingolstadt.

Distance from the hotel is around 30 km using side roads (around 25 minutes).

Liberation Hall in Kelheim

Now here you will find some real history! King Ludwig I of Bavaria had this impressive round building built high above the Danube on the Michelberg near Kelheim as a memorial for the unification of Germany after the wars of liberation. Today the 34 white marble goddesses of victory inside are just as impressive as they have ever been. The gallery at the top provides a fabulous view of the Danube and the River Altmühl.

TIP: You can visit the Weltenburg Strait with its craggy rocks, the Altmühl Valley, the Danube and the Main-Danube canal on foot, by bike or on board a ship. One of the most popular destinations is Weltenburg Monastery on the banks of the Danube, which looks back on almost 1000 years of brewery tradition.

Distance from the hotel is around 42 km using side roads (around 40 minutes).

Falconry at Rosenburg Castle

Come and experience the fascination of birds of prey flying wild at the Rosenburg Castle Falconry. Twice a day, at 11am and 3pm (Mondays closed), you can admire the flying skills of the birds of prey against the beautiful backdrop of the Middle Age castle. The kings of the air in their own element – a breathtaking spectacle for young and old.

Before or after the flight show you can see the birds close up on a walk around the castle grounds. Opening hours: Tues to Sun, 9 am to 5pm, last entrance 4.30 pm. Mondays closed, however open on bank holidays. In the winter months the falconry is also closed. Provisional opening date for 2014 is mid-March. For further information: More information:

Distance from the hotel is around 35 km (around 20 minutes).

Hundertwasser Tower in Abensberg

Friedensreich Hundertwasser is quoted as saying:

"Beauty is a universal remedy".

True to this motto, the “Kuchlbauer Beer World” with the “Abensberg Art Museum” contributes to the beauty of our region. Hundertwasser’s life work is honoured with an extensive exhibition and shows his achievements in the areas of art, environmental protection and architecture.

The Abensberg Art Museum was planned and designed by the Viennese architect Peter Pelikan. A friend and companion of many years, Pelikan was responsible for almost all of Hunderwasser’s buildings. By the way: the Kuchlbauer wheat beer brewery is one of the oldest in the world! Further information:

A great day out! Distance from our hotel approx. 40km along the B16, about 25 minutes by car.

Dinopark in the Altmühl Valley

What was it like when pterosaurs and dinosaurs roamed the earth? What caused the dinosaurs to die out? On the 1.5 km long adventure trail of the Dinosaur Open Air Museum you embark on an exciting journey through the various geological ages and immerse yourself in 400 million years of evolution.

There are over 60 life-size replicas standing in the middle of the forest conveying the feeling of being part of prehistory. You cannot just look at the mighty Brachiosaurus, the giant Diplodocus or the dangerous T. Rex - you can also touch them and really improve your knowledge of the science that created and ultimately killed these giant lizards.

Guests can try a day in the life of a palaeontologists by splitting rocks themselves, and with any luck finding some original fossils of their own or looking for millions of years old shark teeth. The hands-on stations invite you to compare your own ideas of how big, how fast or how strong the dinosaurs were with your own abilities.

This is our personal day trip recommendation and is always worth a visit for the whole family.

The distance from the hotel is about 35 km on the country road and takes about 35 minutes by car.

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