Hotel & Living

Block Hotel & Living in Ingolstadt

Perfect! - There you are... ;o)

"I knew we would find each other (again)!"

You: The savvy traveller who is looking for something extraordinary. Us: The popular boutique hotel in Ingolstadt with a passion for detail.

We are stylish, smart, out of the ordinary and certainly not artificial! Because with all your appointments your happiness is particularly important to us!

Our goal: to help our guests to mix business and pleasure, like a perfect cocktail. This is our secret recipe! This is exactly what the "Living" in our name stands for. The flair, the feeling and that "little bit extra", that we thought up for "our valued guests in Ingolstadt".

According to our longstanding motto:


I cordially invite you to share our passion, to share with us and to stay with us at BLOCK Hotel & Living in Ingolstadt with the hope of becoming your new hotel of choice in Ingolstadt!

With this in mind, we extend to you a very warm welcome,

Gastgeberin & Inhaberin